Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Food from China, tainted and dangerous?

Food from China, tainted and dangerous?

The U.S. will be sending chickens to China to be processed there then sent back to the USA for consumption.  Problem is China has a miserable record when it comes to food safety.  Some recent examples of China’s horrendous examples of food safety:

1 - 50,000 children sickened, 4 died, from tainted baby formula with melamine
2 - Hong King discovered eggs contaminated with melamine
3 - 12,000 dead pigs in a river leading to Shanghai
4 - Avian influenza or bird flu in chicken flocks this year, 44 people died
5 - Nearly half of rice sold in Guangzhou this year tainted with cadmium
6 -In Europe, China shipped:
     a) Potatoes infested with insects
     b) Ginger laced with salmonella
     c) Pumpkins seeds containing glass chips
     d) Frozen calamari contaminated by arsenic
7 - 2007 Chinese fish product imports halted in USA for high levels of illegal antibiotics and chemicals
8 - Thousands of pounds of honey seized for illegal antibiotics  

The chicken will be returned to the USA as process chicken, such as one may purchase in fast-food joints or frozen meals - AVOID, consumer at your own peril. 

The article quotes Jim Sumner, president of Stone Mountain, USA Poultry and Egg Export Council as saying in reference to China: “is one of our largest export markets and has the potential, by far, to be our largest market, and we don’t want to risk upsetting them”

Basically it is okay to endanger the American consumer to gain export access to The Middle Kingdom.  American food use to be the safest in the world, now thanks to a spineless, sold-out, commie purchased Congress, and greedy exporters, the food safety will degrade below that of the third-world.  

The article appearing in The Dallas Morning News was reprinted from the “Atlanta Journal-Constitution.” 

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