Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sea Shepherd Taiji Japan explained while I was there

Sea Shepherd Taiji meetings explained

Three videos with Cove Guardians in Taiji, Japan:

Cowards on the run:

Meeting with Melissa:

Stone faced on the seawall:

While in Taiji, Japan I met with Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian leader Melissa.  Melissa being the superior to her minions who by pecking order are inferior to her, their superior.  While Melissa is superior to her inferior minions, she is also inferior to her superior, Flea Face himself.

Melissa offered we go to dinner.  I waited for her telephone call to go to dinner and the call never came.  The next day I asked her about it, and she offered an excuse, never extended the offer again.  A clear indication she must have been ordered by her superior not to dine with the likes of me.

Melissa also advised she was not a paid member, but an unpaid volunteer.  This run contrary to leaks from the cult group claiming she is paid. 

The Cove Guardians seem to be live-stream challenged.  We offered to address and correct that challenge for them.  Because their live-streaming is beneficial for both sides.  It helps them get money from suckers around the world.  It also helps my cause as it clearly shows their repulsive despicable behavior in Taiji.  Melissa politely declined the offer of assistance. 

Ms. Melissa related it was wrong for the people in Taiji to make money off the dolphins.  I asked why is okay for Sea Shepherd to make money off the dolphins while it is wrong for the people of Taiji to make money off the dolphins.  No answer.  Melissa offered we have to agree to disagree.  Agreeing to disagreeing is surrendering a discussion and I never do that. 

Concerning the drones on the seawall:  Two of them were wearing wool-type skullcaps.  It was a very   Never mind those caps are fashionable, it stupidity to trap body heat in that hot humid weather.  As we use to say in Brooklyn, “Where there is no sense, the are no feelings.”  One of the three looked very happy to see me.
Wearing wool type caps on a very hot day in the sun and humid
hot, humid day and those hats had to cause the body temperature to increase.

One of the drones claimed I videoed him while he was urinating in a public restroom.  The video of him was him exiting the restroom looking to escape from me.  Did he urinate in his pants out of fear? 

My behavior in Taiji towards the cowards was silly and annoying.  However it mirrored their bad behavior towards the people of Taiji in the past.
Here is a video showing their disgusting behavior in the pass, mimicked by me in this video:

Watch a foreign coward attempting to intimidate a resident of Taiji:

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians live-streaming (when it works):

The cowards would boast they did not respond to my taunting to avoid admitting they were in fear.  In fear of what?  In fear of encountering a person who would respond to their idiocy with reason and not emotion. 

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