Friday, October 18, 2013

Peru dolphin slaughter while Sea Shepherd is missing

Peru dolphin slaughter

Dolphin hunting in Peru is illegal which does not deter Peruvian fishermen.  According to a report from ITV News, (British news outfit) anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 dolphins are slaughtered by Peruvian fishermen in violation of Peruvian law.
Once the dolphins are captured, the Peruvian fishermen slice up the dolphins and use parts of the sliced dolphin as bait to capture sharks.  The remains of the dolphins are then thrown into the ocean, meaning up to 15,000 dolphin carcasses are dumped overboard. 

The fishermen of Taiji, Japan capture around 2,000 dolphins last dolphin season, which is legal in Japan.  Some of the dolphins are shipped live to marinas around the world.  The remaining dolphins are then used for food and food byproducts. 

So where does Sea Shepherd send their Cove Guardians?  To Peru where 15,000 dolphins are illegally slaughtered or to Taiji, Japan where around 2,000 dolphins are captured?  The answer is Taiji, Japan.  Further proof these foreigners who go to Taiji to document the dolphin activity are cowards and hate Japan / the Japanese.  They know if they go to Peru and behave there as they do in Taiji, they will get more than their feelings hurt. 

Plus going to Peru there is no money in it for them.  While in Taiji the cowards broadcast hateful commentary both on live-stream and their Facebook page causing suckers around the globe to donate.  Many donate to masquerade their hate for Japan / the Japanese by hiding their compassion for the dolphins.  If they have such a high level of compassion for the dolphins, then how come they do not demand their “Guardians” go where 15,000 dolphins are illegally being slaughtered as oppose to being where 2,000 dolphins are legally captured?   

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