Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why I Love Japan - 5th video

Why I Love Japan 5th video

This is the 5th video in the series of “Why I Love Japan.”

In this video the following are illustrated / discussed:

1 - Lovely hospitality (in Japanese “omotenashi”), perhaps “Lovely Japan.”
2 - Ladies in Japan working in uniformed positions once dominated by males, wear female uniforms.  In the USA many women who work in traditional male uniform roles squeeze into male uniforms surrendering their femininity.  While in Japan the women maintain their femininity while performing traditional male uniform occupations.
3 - Discussed bowing / politeness / respect in Japan enjoyed by their culture.
4 - Discussed flying on JAL (Japan Airlines) the stunning beauty of the stewardesses (not “flight attendants” as this is a politically correct free video).

Link to the full video shown in this video at the railroad station:

Video of the railroad station from YouTuber: “kirin0825”

“Why I Love Japan” playlist:

Music at the beginning: "8-bit ElectroHouse" from

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