Saturday, January 17, 2009

Japan, Indonesia, and Sea Shepherd: an update

Sea Shepherd once again has harassed the Japanese whaling fleet. During this harassing season their garbage scow, Steve Irwin ran low on fuel. Thus cutting the harassing season short, and headed to port to re-fuel. A foreign ministry official in Japan, Chiharu Tsuruoka requested the Australian government deny Sea Shepherd access to any Australian ports to re-fuel, labeling Sea Shepherd as eco-terrorist.

Japan and Australia enjoy warm relations, friendship, and are allies. Australian acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard, declined the Japanese request. Meaning Australia turned down a request made by a friendly nation.

The Sea Shepherd garbage scow arrived in Australia, specifically Hobart in Tasmania, and were greeted by a large crowd of well-wishers and devotees to the mission. During the love-in on the dock one of the garbage scow crew was handed an envelope. In the envelope was a white substance. The police confiscated the substance to send off to a lab for evaluation. In the meantime the garbage scow was placed in quarantine. Was this a theatrical hoax for more attention? Such as the incident during the last whaling season where one of Sea Shepherd claimed to have been shot with a bullet by the Japanese. Pretending the bullet pierced his bullet proof vest and defeated the trajectory when it was defeated by the Deputy Dog badge he was wearing. Truth be known the white substance is probably flour.

One of the ships in the Japanese whaling fleet damaged a rudder or propeller near Indonesia. The Japanese government requested the ship be allowed in an Indonesian port for repairs. The government of Indonesia refused the request, thus causing the ship to limp its way back to Japan. The Indonesian government just like the Australian government denied a request from a friendly government. These two incidents should clearly demonstrate to Japan who their friends are.

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