Sunday, January 18, 2009

Greetings Anthony (Tony) from Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherds garbage scow the Steve Irwin went into port to re-fuel before continuing their harassment with terrorist like activities aimed at the Japanese whaling fleet. The port they put into was in Australia, the island of Tasmania, city of Hobart.

Just so happens, good friends to Tony (Anthony aka PropagandaBuster) live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. These good friends went with video camera in hand to the waterfront the day the garbage scow arrived. While there they asked Captain Kangaroo to say hi to Tony. Being the good sport and in good spirits, he obliged by saying, "hi Anthony." What happened to Tony?

Anthony (Tony) and the captain are friends, at least on MySpace. PropagandaBuster's MySpace site has Captain Paul Watson listed as a friend after the Captain accepted a friend invite. The MySpace link:

The two friends also observed the friendly Captain being interviewed by the Japanese newspaper: The Ashi Shimbun.


Nobuyoshi Ozaki said...

Watson must be over 50 now. That boy never. Ask him if he remember Joe Newman who was my close friend and passed away. I got email from Venom San who is my consiglieri about your kind remarks about Falcons Society. We are not right wing nationalist shmack. 40% of supprters are Kimono ladies, young and old. We just want to tell American lawmakers that we are vital allies. Mike Honda is a traitor. Sicilian Mafia won't get him off the hook. Right? iseheijiro

Unknown said...

Anthony,are you bragging or complaining?