Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tax the rich says President Obama and the thar Democrats

NOTE: This video was made in September, 2011, since then I lost the links, sorry.

December of 2010 President Obama (Democrat) said he would not raise any taxes because the economy cannot take the hit from any form of a tax hike. Unemployment then was over 9%. Now President Obama is calling for higher taxes on the evil selfish rich.

Wait a minute! Did the economy improve? No, it is still the same wreck. Unemployment is still over 9% proving once again President Obama and them thar Democrats would not know how to keep their word even if the nation’s life depended upon it. President Ronald Reagan once said, “Democrats have never met a tax they did not like.” Welcome to the politics of envy, the Democrats politics.

The President and Democrats promoting politics of class envy and class warfare. Truth is business are not higher because of Obama-care (pass by Democrats and signed by a Democrat president)

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