Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tibetan Monks in Tibet set themselves on fire and the Commies react like...

Tibetan Monks (Buddhist monks) in Tibet have recently been setting themselves on fire (self-immolate) to protest commie oppression for the commie gangster thugs in Beijing, China, The Middle Kingdom, commie-led commie-land.

The commies suppress the Tibetan language, Tibetan culture, and Tibetan religion – Buddhism. The commies think because they have built highways, high speed railways, shopping centers, and improved infer structure in Tibetan, the Tibetans should be happy under commie oppression. The problem is the Tibetans are spiritual not materialistic as the commie gangsters are.

In an attempt to stop the self-immolations the commies are sending in more police and limiting Internet access. In addition those who are known to have sympathized with the monks, who burned themselves, have disappeared. Proving once again The Middle Kingdom is The Magical Kingdom. The commie answer to all societal ills is further oppression. Typical thinking of primitive gangsters.

The neighboring nation of India, in Bollywood (India’s version of Hollywood) is about to release a movie called “Rockstar.” A small scene in the movie has a Tibetan flag. The commies in Beijing pressured India to remove that scene. Apparently not only are commies feared of religion, flags have the same fearful effect upon the gangsters.

India’s “Central Board of Film Certification” – CBFC – has issued an order to have that scene either blurred out or pixilated. Meaning a governmental board in India acquiesced or succumbed to pressure from the commie gangsters in Beijing. Nice going India!

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Please pray for the Tibetan people.

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