Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Fukushima 50" TIME magazine's "Person of the Year?"

Currently TIME magazine is conducting a poll to determine who to select as “Person of the Year.” At one time, a time before political correctness and militant feminist it was called “Man of the Year.”

As of this writing the poll results were:

1 – The 99%

2 – Lionel Messi

3 – Anonymous

4 – Arab Youth Protesters

5 – Steve Jobs

6 – President Barack Obama

7 – Fukushima 50

Here is the link to the poll:

The results shown in this video have “Anonymous” as number two which was the placement at the time when the video was made.

“The 99%” and “Anonymous” are at number one and three, they are the derelicts from the Occupy movements across the nation, notably “Occupy Wall Street” – OWS. Their encampments have seen public urination, defecation of a police vehicle, rapes, gun shots, murders, child molestations, and other assorted anti-social behavior. Basically the human debris of a given culture. Self-absorb and selfish.

While at number seven are the Fukushima 50. On 11 March 2011 when the earthquake tsunami devastated Japan it disabled a nuclear electric power plant at Fukushima, leaking radiation. Hundreds of worked continued to stay in the power plant working to end the leaking radiation. Their exposure to the radiation being monitored however still concerns over the effects to their health years from now as well as birth defects to children and subsequent grandchildren not born yet. Such as what happened after the nuclear bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

Many retired nuclear plant workers enjoying their senior years in retirement volunteered to replace the younger workers at Fukushima. These seniors became known as the “Fukushima 50.” These unselfish men volunteered saying if the radiation has a negative impact on their health, which will not happen until years down the road after they would have passed away from natural causes / old age. They also already have their children and grandchildren thus eliminating any concerns about birth defects to their offspring.

The readers of TIME see the self-absorb derelicts of Occupy Wall Street being worthy of Person of the Year as oppose to the Fukushima 50. Further proof TIME readers are afflicted with political correctness. In reality whatever or whoever is TIME’s Person of the Year, all of humanity know the true Persons of the Year are the unselfish people of “Fukushima 50.” God bless these men.

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