Friday, November 25, 2011

President Obama in Asia deserves a compliment

President Barack Obama (Democrat) attended an East Asia Summit in Bali, Indonesia. Many of the Asian leaders at the summit confronted Premier Wen Jibao of commie-lead China, The Middle Kingdom for China’s aggressive and belligerent behavior in the resource-rich South China Sea, causing instability in the region.

In a meeting with Mr. Wen the leaders Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam spoke of China’s reckless actions in the South China Sea. Speaking afterwards the representatives of Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, India, Russia, and Indonesia. Then President Obama spoke in agreement with the leaders. China’s commie Premier Wen replied this issue of China attempting to steal territory should be discussed one-on-one with each nation, not in an open forum such as this.

Typical commie behavior trying to isolated each nation individually to intimidate them one-by-one. God bless President Obama for asserted American influence in the region and informing the commie leader the USA along with other nations in Asia will not tolerate commie belligerent behavior.

This is a welcome action by President Obama and sent a signal the U.S.A. will honor its commitments and treaties with Taiwan to prevent a commie invasion from China. Prior to this meeting it was doubtful President Obama would honor commitments to Taiwan.

The commie leader was given his what-for!

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