Thursday, November 10, 2011

Polite hooligans in Tokyo Japan celebrating the World Cup

The original video is titled, “The most polite hooligans you’ll ever meet.”

This is a video of a Japanese jubilant crowd in Japan after Japan won the world cup against Denmark in 2010.

In Europe and Canada when major soccer games are won, fans then riot in the streets creating destruction and public disorder. The same happened in San Francisco after a successful professional basketball games. These hooligans represent the worst of their respective societies.

This video is refreshing because it demonstrates crowds can celebrate a sport’s team victory without rioting. A simple traffic light and yellow police tape / strap were sufficient to keep this jubilant crowd in check. Willing to be the farm not one in the crowd thought of engaging in civil disobedience or rioting.

An excellent illustration why the civility of Japan is admired.

Here is the original video without narration:

A companion video by the same person who videoed the above:

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