Friday, November 4, 2011

Another train wreck in commie-led China and Tibetan Monks on fire

Recently there was a horrible subway crash in Shanghai, China (The Middle Kingdom). The commie government is blaming this accident on a failure of the signal system. A few months ago a high-speed train was involved in an accident and the Railway Ministry said the cause was a fault in the signal system. Anyone surprised? The Middle Kingdom’s number one export around the globe has been shoddy products. Good to know they abuse their own citizens with the same shoddy products they export. Of course it is very sad people were injured and died in these train wrecks because the commies in China lack anything resembling quality control when it comes to the safety of their own people.

Why should they? They are not answerable to the people via a plebiscite (voting). The commie thugs are not worried about the people only their gangster overlords above them. This is what one gets when a nation is led by a regime not subject to voter approval.

Two Tibetan monks set fire to themselves in Beijing. Why? After-all the commies tell the world how they developed the infrastructure and living conditions of the Tibetans in Tibet. They even claim the freed the Tibetans from slavery under the Dali Lama. All this joy showered upon the Tibetans by the commies and yet Tibetans escape to other countries while monks burn themselves in protest. Does that read like a happy people?

The commie thugs could provide each Tibetan with a livable income for the rest of their lives without working and the Tibetans would still be dissatisfied with the commies. One reason, all reasonable freedom-loving people despise commies in any form. However most of all because the commies continue to suppress the Tibetan language, culture, and religion. The Tibetans are not easily bought off because of a bullet train silently gliding across the Tibetan plain.

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