Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sea Shepherd muted about the murdering of whales in New Zealand?

Recently in New Zealand 65 whales committed suicide by beaching themselves on a South Island beach.

Some 31 of these intelligent mammals died on Farewell Split. Others refloated with the rising tides but beached themselves again and this time further inshore.

They seemed determined to commit suicide. How many cows, dogs, pigs, and goats purposely dive into water to commit suicide? Zero? Whereas according to Wikipedia around 2,000 whales a year purposely end their lives. Is the United States Navy with their sonar going to be blamed for this mass whale suicide in New Zealand?


There were about 18 whales alive and beached resulting in authorities euthanizing (murdered) them by being executing them with a bullet. No problem when white skin round eyes murder whales, however when the Japanese harpoon a whale, the Sea Shepherd cult and their minions protest and complain.

Now with these dead whales on the beach, they were left “for nature to take its course,” except for some of their stomachs. Scientists desecrated these dead whales by taking samples of the whale’s stomachs. See if one is round eyed white skin no problem. When the Japanese whalers take samples from the stomachs of harvested whales, the cult group, and their cultists minions can be heard wailing in agony.

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