Tuesday, November 22, 2011

U.S. waltzing with Australia infuriates the commies in China

President Barack Obama announced the United States will be sending 2,500 Marines to Australia over the next few years. This is being done as a direct request of the commie military in China’s belligerent behavior in the South China Sea. The commies are claiming territories and islands belonging to the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Some of these nations traditionally in the past expressed a “Yankee Go Home,” attitude towards the United States. Now that the gangsters in Beijing are behaving belligerently, they are now asking, “Where are the Americans.”

The commie gangsters are claiming the Spartly Islands and territory of the Philippines Palawan province. The two areas are more than 500 miles (804 kilometers) from China while the Spartly Islands are about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from the Philippines. This aggressive commie behavior is to gain natural gas and oil resources for commie-land.

The November 17, 2011 edition of The Dallas Morning News – DMN, concerning this issue printed an article from The New York Times - NYT, reporting President Obama is escalating military tensions in the region. Then the next day in The Dallas Morning News in an article on the issue from the Associated Press – AP, reports China policy has been muted on this issue. Did not The Dallas Morning News read their own newspaper from the day before?

The newspaper also printed a chart from Department of Defense, International Institute of Strategic Studies showing “U.S. troops in East Asia and the Pacific.” What is curious about this chart it noted in North Korea there are two U.S. military personal. Huh? No U.S. embassy in The Hermit Kingdom (North Korea) then how come two military personal from the U.S. there?

Delighted to know the United States Marines will be Waltzing with Matilda with our good friends and allies in Australia.

The significance of the reference to Waltzing with Matilda in this video:

Music in this video “Waltzing with Matilda” from Jewlbeat.com

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