Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry attacked by the bias news media

Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry seeking the Republican nomination to run for president had a brain freeze during a Republican candidate debate. Seconds afterwards and continuing for days the Democratic Party control so-called main stream media in the United States of America – USA went into full attack mode.

A microcosm of this attacked by the leftist news media is the Friday, November 11, 2011 edition of The Dallas Morning News – DMN. That edition was dedicated to exploiting the Governor’s brain freeze what they see as an embarrassing campaign performance. The attack led off on the front page with a headline “Perry’s mind on damage control.” The article continued on page 9A with a companion attack piece headlined, “Expert says timing of slip damaging.”

The editorial page lampooned the Governor with an editorial cartoon. To the left of the attacking cartoon an editorial titled and subtitled, “No Words to Express it Perry’s debate gaffe could be the fatal one.” Not stopping there with their attack Governor Perry agenda The Dallas Morning News added a column written Colleen McCain Nelson titled, “Miscues, he’s had a few GOP gave Perry plenty of passes before ‘oops.’”

Surprisingly the back page of the main section of that newspaper’s edition was a full page ad for a furniture company. What they could not find a public speaking therapist to take out a full page ad?

Thank you to The Dallas Morning News for providing this disgusting example of the bias leftist news media in full attack mode. A word to The Dallas Morning News and other rags with the same leanings: your transparency is glowing and noticeable. Thank you for being so blatant with your support for the Democratic Party

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