Monday, July 15, 2013

Comfort Women and South Korean Vietnam War veterans

This is a photograph of South Korean Vietnam War Veterans standing behind the Comfort Women statue placed across the street from the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, South Korea.

Question:  Did these South Korean Vietnam War veterans pay compensation to the Vietnamese women they forced to become Comfort Women during the Vietnam War? 

Just looking for a little consistency here. 

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Anonymous said...

Over 240,000 Korean men served in the Imperial Japanese Military during WWII. Some rose to high officer positions. Some were convicted as Class-B war criminals at the Tokyo Trials. The Koreans soldiers made use of the Comfort Women System, and were even gicen a discount on the rates. Koreans who hear this claim that all these Korean men were "forced" to serve in the Japanese military. That is not true because forced recruitment did not even go into effect for Koreans until 1944 only a year before the end of the war and the recruitment requirement figure was only 40,000. In other words an enormous number of Koreans joined willingly. Koreans also claim that 200,000 Korean women were kidnapped for the comfort System. Can you imagine 240,000 Korean men joining an army that was "kidnapp9ng" 200,000 of their wives, daughters, and sisters? Koreans have played this "victim" card the moment Japan surrendered, pretending to be victims of he Japanese on a par with other Asian nations. This is sanctioned from the school level right up to the government. This is like Austrians claiming to have been victims of the Nazis. It is my hope that the world one day exposes this deceitful game that Korea is playing. They are engaging in anti-Japan propaganda globally and disrupting U.S., military policy in the Fareast.