Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin, historic?

Democratic Senator Joe Biden was nominated at the Democratic Party Convention on a Wednesday to be Senator Barack Obama's running mate as the candidate for Vice President. The following Thursday morning news papers all across the United States of America (USA) headline it as an historic event. Historic event? What was so historic about his nomination to run as vice president? He has about nine more years in Congress than Senator John McCain, and Senator Biden fits the demographic vice president nominees have come from both political parties since 1787. Now that next day on Thursday, when Senator Barack Obama accepted the nomination that was a historic event worthy of being reported in the Friday newspapers.

On another Wednesday, Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin was nominated at the Republican Party Convention to be Senator John McCain's running mate as the candidate for Vice President. Now this was truly an historic event as it was the first time in Republican history a female has been nominated for this position. The following Thursday morning only a few newspapers across America headlined it as "historic." About half of the remaining newspapers headlined with a near critic statement, while the other half were complimentary.

The point being how the news media in the United States is in the hip pocket of the Democratic Party. The Republicans come this election not only have to beat the Democrats, but also the shameless news media.

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