Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Japanese pride and patriotism

Many people in Japan have expressed concern over the lack of pride and patriotism in their nation. This video is about urging people in Japan to show their patriotism. Many people throughout the world express patriotism for their nation, even that Olympian from Somalia. People in Japan sent messages stating patriotism is frowned upon as it is associated with far right and far leftist groups. It is not taught in the schools as indicated from these good people who sent the messages. Also stated if one shows pride, they are reprimanded and associated with one of those fringe groups. That is a shocking and confusing. Understandably some of it has its roots to trying to make sure the militarism of the last century does not resurface, but enough is enough. That militarism was only about 50 years long of a blemish Japanese history out of a history of over five centuries. Almost all nations have blemishes in their history if not longer; yet take pride in their nation. Look at the USA, slavery for about 83 years, blacks treated as 2nd and 3rd class citizens for about 100 years, treaties broken and land stolen from Native Americans for about 100 years. Yet many Americans are all extremely patriotic of their nation, including blacks and Native Americans. So why do the people of Japan have to deprive themselves of this same pride? Japan is a tiny country, limited land, almost no natural resources, and your nation was devastated 60 years ago, and with all that, you have the number two economy in the world! Wow, that in itself deserves pride, because that was accomplished by the people, not by a wealth of natural resources or enormous land mass.

The futures of the USA and Japan seem to be linked in prosperity and friendship. Now why not both nations exhibit a healthy pride of their homelands equal to the others?

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Mr-Yellow said...

Japanese patriotism can be an extremely dangerous thing. When they get into it they take it very seriously, to the point on in-human practice.

As if American patriotism wasn't dangerous enough. If it wasn't for American patriotism people may have actually been able to discuss 911 instead of being called anti-patriotic if you suggested war was a bad idea or Bush was an idiot.