Thursday, September 18, 2008

Russell Brand, Euro-Trash? You decide

American entertainment industry. At the event was a person from the United Kingdom, Russell Brand. In an attempt to please the people in the audience, he insulted and degraded our American president, President Bush. Here is this non-citizen, a foreigner, fortunate enough to be allowed in invest the USA upon his arrival, had no problem showing disrespect to the very nation that allowed him to slither within our borders.

This thing is so typical of those in Europe who are Euro-trash. They find it amusing to bash our president for their enjoyment. This is equivalent to siblings in a family poking fun at one another. Which is fine because it is within the family. However let the family next door join in poking fun at the sibling, then the family unites and finds fault with the rudeness of that family next door. This person from the United Kingdom was in violation of this spirit. You Euro-trash need to shudda you face.

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