Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Congress rejects bailout bill a Pelosi failure or success?

On Monday, September 29th, 2008, the United States of America (USA) Congress, the House of Representatives, led by the majority Democratic Party, Speaker of the House Representative Nancy Pelosi (San Francisco, California) rejected the 700 billion dollar bailout bill.

The news media is trying to lay blame for this on the Republican Party. However the Democrats control the Congress. Which means had the Democrats wanted this legislation to pass, they could have easily passed it as they are in the majority. However the news media is once again telling lies to the American public to cover for their overlords in the Democratic Party.

The Democrats said they wanted an equal number of Republicans to support this bill as Democrats so the blame could be shared equally. If this bill was good for America why did the Democrats want Republicans to share in the blame? Also Mrs. Pelosi gave permission to those Democrats in heavily contest re-election campaigns they did not have to vote for this bill. That means Mrs. Pelosi knew this bill was not want the American public wanted. It also means Mrs. Pelosi did not want this bill to be passed. Then just before the vote was to take place, Speaker of the House, the Democratic Party partisan Nancy Pelosi gave a speech in the House re-rating the Republicans for the current financial situation. The Republicans sitting on the fence were then pushed over to the nay side by her speech. Also during the vote when Republicans realized 40 percent of Democrats were not voting for this, then why should they?

This legislation was doomed from the beginning, Mrs. Pelosi knew it, and she try to maneuver to lay the blame on the Republicans. To Mrs. Pelosi the failure of our economy was secondary to the blame game wining the upcoming elections. Mrs. Pelosi put the Democratic Party before the United States of America, with the news media goose-stepping behind her.

Over one trillion dollars were lost and the stock market plunged over 600 points after the failure of the vote. Then what did the House of Representatives do? They took two days off for a holiday. If this issue was so important for Congress to decide, then why did they take two days off?

The beauty here is those who voted against this bill, both Democrats and Republicans listened to the constituents back in their home districts. 80% of Americans did not like this bill. Americans did not embrace the socialism of this bill as they have faith in capitalism and the market place. Those business who made the bad business decision by writing questionable mortgage, need to assume the responsibility themselves and not use the federal government as a net. What is sad is the Democrats caused this in the President Carter and President Clinton (both Democrats) years. It was their administrations which forced the lending institutions to write bad loans. President Bush tried at least twelve times during the past eight years to get Congress to correct his situation, and the Democrats told him to get lost. Even when the Republicans were in control of the Congress the bums let the Democrats still run the joint.

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