Wednesday, October 1, 2008

North Korean children need your help

Famine and starvation seems to be common in North Korea under communist oppression controlled by a despot of comic proportion. However this comic is a tragedy. A group was formed at Yale University in the United States called, LiNK (Liberty in North Korea). Their mission is to make people become aware of the starvation taking place north of the 38th parallel (North Korea). LiNK has chapters on college campuses across the United States and the world.

Their type of demonstrations and theater should be embraced by all of us. The tragedy in North Korea should concern all decent people on this planet. Here is a nation sandwiched by two economic wonders and yet their people are subject to starvation in The Hermit Kingdom (North Korea). The famine of the 1990s is poised to repeat itself. This misery suffered upon these people is the result of communism and despotism.

The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, better known was North Korea is oppressed by a lunatic named, Kim Jong-Il from Pyongyang. A nation of around 23 million lost souls, and a per capita income of $1,900. How many of us spend more than that on a computer?

Link to the organization Liberty in North Korea or LiNK:

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Here is another video about the sad situation in North Korea:

Recent news article:

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We all need to be aware and join the advocacy on behalf of these tortured souls suffering in North Korea, and nation giving humanity a black eye.

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