Monday, October 27, 2008

Russell Brand, Euro-trash again?

About a month ago posted a video on YouTube concerning Russell Brands appearance on an American awards program in the United States broadcasted across the nation. The video admonished Mr. Brand for his disrespectful comments about President George Bush, which was disrespectful to the elected head of state and to the people of the United States of America. Mr. Brand was exercising a fundamental right protected by the United States Constitution that of freedom of speech. However did so without exhibiting any responsibility.

The video caused an onslaught of comments and messages from the United Kingdom and Europe screaming Mr. Brand was just exercising his freedom of speech. While the video never condemned Mr. Brand for his abuse of freedom of speech, but labeled Mr. Brand as Euro-trash for his disrespect to the American people while a guest in the United States (USA).

Recently Mr. Brand on his radio show in the United Kingdom, along with co-host Jonathan Ross, telephoned a British actor (born in Berlin) Andrew Sachs ,and got Mr. Sachss answer machine. The two then proceeded to leave disgusting message in reference to Mr. Sachss 23 year old granddaughter. Here is in part is what was said as reported by the British newspaper, The Daily Mail on October 26th, 2008:

"Shortly before they contacted Mr. Sachs for a pre-arranged telephone interview, Brand said: In a minute were going to be talking to Andrew Sachs, Manuel actor. The elephant
in the room is, what Andrew doesnt know is, Ive slept with his granddaughter.

Brand left a message during which Ross shouted He ****** your granddaughter!, generating raucous laughter from the studio.

Brand said: I wore a condom. In another, which took the form of an impromptu song, Brand sang: Id like to apologise for the terrible attacks, Andrew Sachs . . . I said some things I didnt of oughta, like I had sex with your granddaughter, though it was consensual . . . it was consensual lovely sex. It was full of respect, I sent her a text, Ive asked her to marry me, Andrew Sachs.
Ross could be heard singing quietly to himself: Your granddaughter ...she was bent over the couch...
Later in the programme Brand even joked about the idea that Mr Sachs might consider suicide as a result of their comments.
Imagining a news bulletin, he said: The main news again. Manuel Andrew Sachs hung himself today..."

Here is a link to the transcript of those telephone calls:

The good people of the United Kingdom expressed outrage concerning this stunt. Mr. Brand has since publically apologized. Did he do it because all of a sudden he was smitten with responsibility or fear of the law for exercising his free speech? If Andrew Sachs decides to file a complaint, Mr. Brand and Mr. Ross can be charged with malicious or abusive phone calls, which in the United Kingdom (UK) is punishable by either a fine or imprisonment.

The telephone calls were not threatening nor did they yell fire in a theater. They were just calls in bad taste placed by Euro-trash. Yet freedom of speech has its limits in the UK, which may explain why Mr. Brand was reckless with his abuse of free speech in the USA.

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