Sunday, October 19, 2008

John Cleese of the UK not of the USA

Comedian John Cleese of the United Kingdom (UK) is a well educated man and a comedic genius. Mr. Cleeses fame from his role in the Monty Python Flying Circus comedies. However in a recent interview he displayed an arrogant if not ignorant view of politics in the United States of America (USA).

Mr. Cleese expressed concern of over the legitimacy of the election of President George Bush because Presidents Bushs father who also was president was also once head of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Yet did Mr. Cleese question when Vladimir Putin, ex KGB agent become President and Prime Minister of Russia? The answer is no.

Then Mr. Cleese then said the only way for the United States of America to redeem itself from being a redneck, racist society is by electing Senator Barack Obama as president. In the United Kingdom there are many people of color (colour) and people of the Muslim faith. When did a person of color or Muslim ever run as number one or two for Prime Minister in the United Kingdom? So by Mr. Cleeses reasoning one would have to say the British are racist and or religious bigots.

Why is it thespians (actors and actresses) think we commoners care what they think about politics? Also when people around the world who are fortunate to have the franchise to vote, when voting think about what the rest of the world will think about their vote? No, or course not. Same in the USA, when Americans vote they do not vote based upon world opinion, but based upon who they think will be best for America, as others do when voting for their national leaders.

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