Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Peter Mandelson of the United Kingdom loved in China

In the United Kingdom, the current government has a Business Secretary named Peter Mandelson. Recently Mr. Mandelson drank a glass of milk or yogurt. Now this was not an ordinary product, it was from China, the one banned by most of the world for being tainted. This very product was responsible for the death of four babies in China and caused kidney stones in other people. The product contained plastic industrial waste causing the problems. Mr. Mandelsons stunt was an effort to show solidarity with the Commies in Beijing. Then about ten days later Mr. Mandelson was admitted to a hospital for developing kidney stones! When Mr. Mandelson was a lad, how many times did he have to stick his hand in a fire before he realized it was hot? The details for this story came from the British newspaper, The Daily Mail.

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