Friday, October 10, 2008

Canadian Bear bites Aussie

As reported in the Australian newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, an Australian tourist named Will Pelling went on holiday (vacation) in the Canadian Rockies, British Columbia, is a picturesque town named Whistler. While walking the streets in this town one evening Aussie Mr. Pelling came upon a bear freely roaming the streets. Mr. Pelling did what most would do, he froze! The bear walked up to him and bit his leg and walked about its business leaving Mr. Pelling behind. The bite was minor and no hospital visit required.

However Mr. Pelling did what any responsible person would do, he reported the incident to local authorities. They in turn went after the bear, located it, and killed the bear. This caused the local loonies, far left liberals to prove once again that liberalism is a mental disorder. Mr. Pelling was criticized by locals, websites, and the local newspapers. To these loonies the bears life was more important than that of a humans life.

When wild animals performed as this bear did in civilization, they need to be put down to avoid another such incident which could result in lose of limb or a death of a human. None of this matters to those suffering from the mental disorder know as liberalism.

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