Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yankee go home, or damn Yankee go home!

The day after the end of the 2008 Republican Party National Convention, The Dallas Morning News published an article titled, "Winners and Losers." Basically the article was about what that newspaper felt were the pluses and minuses of the Republican convention. One of the "losers," or minuses was concerning the Texas delegation. This delegation was noticeable by their haberdashery selection. They all wore the same style, same color cowboy hats. Here is what The Dallas Morning News wrote:

The unquestioned champion of overused metaphors was "Republican hats" and "American hats." And then, of course, Texans had to have theirs bigger and better than everyone else's. Enough already."

How is it a newspaper in Texas does not like what is a Texan icon and historical and current attire for Texans? If the truth be known the person who wrote that article is a "damn Yankee." See, people around the world call all Americans, "Yankees." While in the United States that term is reserved for those Americans originated from the Northeast of the United States (USA). The term originated as a name for Connecticut businessmen who were considered frugal in their business dealings, which also happens to be part of the "New England" region of the United States. During The War Between the States, The Civil War, the term "Yankee" came to be used in reference to all people in the Union, the North. However a "damn Yankee," is one who moves from the Northeast to the South, and does not go back to the North. Willing to bet the author of the criticism in that article of Texans was one of them dar "damn Yankees."

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