Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin, the person

The bias Democratically controlled news media in these here United States of America (USA) is now operating in full attack mode on Governor Sarah Palin, the vice president hopeful running mate of Republican Senator John McCain. The news media questions Governor Palin's ability to perform the job while she has a family and an infant. However this same media did not question the ability of President John F. Kennedy, President Jimmy Carter, and President Bill Clinton, all who had children while in The White House. Nor did they question when Senator Joe Biden currently running as Senator Barack Obama's running mate, when Biden became senator, he was a single parent. The difference is per the news media, it is okay for men to have families and executive positions, while it is not okay for a woman to do the same.

This same slanted and bias news media is trying to expose or create scandal for one of Governor Palin's children who is in a family way. However the news media when told by the Clinton during the Clinton years in The White House that children are off limits were off limits. However this situation is different because now it is a Republican child, and Republican children are fair game to be attacked by the bias and slanted news media. Which proves further that liberalism is a mental disorder (just had to get that in).

The beauty of all this criticism is, the more that pours out from the media concerning Governor Sarah Palin, the stronger her support becomes and the wide her base grows. It is because of this type of news media behavior we will most likely see a McCain Palin victory come this November. Thanks news media!

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