Monday, August 28, 2017

New York honors a slaver

New York honors a slaver

The current hysteria in the USA by the liberals, leftists, and race baiters is a full assault on statues and names connected either directly or remotely to the Confederacy and / or slavery.

Remember that:  Now let us go back to the year 1633 AD in the United Kingdom.  This was the year King Charles I and his wife Henrietta Maria gave birth to James Stuart.  Upon his birth his father the King designated him Duke of York.  Hence:  James Stuart Duke of York.   In 1683 he headed the Royal African Company, a slave trading company. 

In 1664 King Charles granted him the Dutch territory in the New World known as New Netherlands and New Amsterdam.  The Duke changed the names from New Netherlands to “New York” (current “New York State”), and New Amsterdam to current “New York City.”  

The name “York” in New York State and New York City pays honor and homage to a slaver.  His Royal African Company purchased slaves in Africa and transferred them across the Atlantic Ocean to North and South America.  In keeping with the current hysteria in the USA, the name “York” should be expunged from both the state and city which honors his name.  Can we have a little consistency among the lunatic fringe in the USA?   

James Stuart Duke of York, slaver:

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