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Brookhaven’s Comfort Women statue questionable behavior

Brookhaven’s Comfort Women statue questionable behavior

At the May 23rd, 2017 Brookhaven City Council meeting they approved the placement of a Comfort Women statue in a city park.  Note: The base and possibly the statue itself were in place before the vote. 

At their June 29th, 2017 meeting around fifteen people spoke during the “Public Comment” section of the meeting.  People are allowed up to three minutes to speak.  I was the second one speak during this portion for nearly the full three minutes.  Most of those who spoke at the meeting expressed opposition to the statue.  The unveiling ceremony of the statue was the next day, June 30th, 2017. 

A few weeks afterwards the city posted on their website the minutes to the meeting.  The minutes to all who spoke was anywhere from one to three sentences, except for one person.  This one person’s minutes accurately reflected their three minutes talk.  Guess who this person was?  This person was the only one person who spoke in favor of that statue being placed in their park.

Those who opposed an extremely abbreviated reflection in the official minutes.  The one in favor, an accurate reflection in the official minutes.  Any bias here? 

At their July 25th, 2017 I addressed the City Council critical of the bias as exposed in the minutes.  I said in part the minutes represent a distortion of history just like that statue represents a distortion of history.

Comfort Women Mafia
Later in the meeting the city secretary said if one wanted to hear the full comments expressed at the meeting they can view the video on the city’s website.  That is correct.  If that is the alternative then why was the one in favor of the statue have an accurate reflection eliminating any need to view a video, while the rest who commented are left to viewing a video?     

Comfort Women Mafia at work here?

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