Sunday, August 13, 2017

Why what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia happened

Why what happened in 
Charlottesville, Virginia happened

During the previous presidential election outside Trump rallies the leftists and race baiters (i.e.: BLM), engaged in horrific violence upon Trump supporters.  Where were the police?  They watched, they were ordered to “stand down,” and the violence continued.

After President Trump was elected the left / liberals rioted.  Where were the police?  They watched under further orders to “stand down.”  Conservatives were being beat up by the left while police watched.  The bias fake news media claimed the violence erupted by conservatives.  However videos did not support this lie.  Republican establishment types seeking media approval claimed the violence was on both sides.  By blaming conservatives as well as leftists they attempted to earn respect points from the adversarial bias fake news media.    

President Obama invited the group calling for police deaths, Black Lives Matter (BLM) to The White House.  Race-baiter Al Sharpton enjoyed many visits to Obama’s White House.  Hillary Clinton met with Black Lives Matter – BLM.

In essence the authorities, Democrats, the news media, and liberals normalized violence in the American political arena. 

For over a year Americans were subjected to videos on the evening news and social media of conservatives being beat up by liberals / leftists while the authorities watched.    

Now come forward to Charlottesville, Virginia and vile hate groups, such neo-Nazis, Klan members, and white supremacists all as repugnant as Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter schedule a rally in a once peaceful southern hamlet. 

Remembering the approved violence perpetrated upon conservatives, the vile groups heading for the ultra-right rally in Charlottesville came prepared.  Recent history has demonstrated the police would not do anything to protect their legal right to rally, so they brought bats and helmets to protect themselves.

Guess what?  In opposition to this rally the liberals / leftists showed up with equal bats and helmets looking for a fight and they got it.  Once again the police at first watched and some retreated. 

The authorities in the USA have normalized violence.  By the lack of police enforcement they have turned Americas political dialog into a Saturday night wrestling match.  By allowing the violence from liberals / leftists, as the Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said after Pearl Harbor:

 "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

In 1941 that “sleeping giant” was the industrial and military might of the United States.  In 2017 that sleeping giant are red necks, white supremacists, and the assorted fringe.  Soon to be dispatched by the reasonable right / conservatives, the “sleeping giants”   

Postscript :The savage who rammed his vehicle into the crowd needs to experience capital punishment in retribution for his savage act.  He did the crime, now he needs to do the time.

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