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Sea Shepherd prove they need whaling to continue

Sea Shepherd prove they 
need whaling to continue

The Facelessbook page “Pilot Whale Defense Sea Shepherd Faroe Islands Campaign” shared a list of the numerous whales harvesting this year in the Faroe Islands.  In addition appears a chart noting the number of whales harvested there from the year 2000 to 2017. 

On this chart the lowest number captured was 48 in 2014 (there was zero in 2008).  The year 2014 was the year Sea Shepherd was in the Faroe Islands harassing the locals and creating mischief.  Come forward to 2017 and as of August 18, 2017 in the Faroe Islands 1,187 whales have been harvested.  Also in this year no Sea Shepherd activity in the Faroe Islands.

Sea Shepherd’s own posted statistics illustrate when they were in the Faroe Islands hardly any whales slaughtered, when they are not there (this year) over a thousand whales harvested.  Their own published numbers prove to save whales Sea Shepherd should be in the Faroe Islands.  So why have they in recent years refused to send their disposable minions to the Faroe Islands?

Simple answer:  They want the whale slaughter to continue in the Faroe Islands because they want photographs of whales being sliced up on the beach with red blood filling the waters.  These photographs bring in money.  Their number one concern is money;  dolphins or whales are nowhere on their list of concerns.   

Then there is a Sea Shepherd promotional 1:44 minute video on YouTube.  At the beginning the scene is of Faroese rushing into the water to harvest the whales.  There is an overlay inscription: “These whales are about to be killed.” The next scene is of one Sea Shepherd’s vessels (rust bucket garbage scow) with the overlay inscription: “but these heroes are risking their lives.”

“Risking their lives?”  Really !!! Or as is said in Japan:  “Majikayo.”  How can they be risking their lives if they have avoided the Faroe Islands in recent years?  Further into the hilarious video views Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean and Sea Shepherd’s rust buckets with an overly inscription “they’re chasing down the poachers.”   

This past whaling season in the Southern Ocean Sea Shepherd did locate the Japanese whalers.  Immediately upon locating them they turn their vessel around and at full speed ahead sailed back to Australia.  How is sailing away from the whalers can they claim “chasing down the poachers?”  Do they want people to think the Japanese whalers were sailing towards Australia and that is how Sea Shepherd was “chasing down the poachers?” 

Hardly, truth is they saw something among the Japanese whaling fleet that scared them into seeking the safety of Australian waters immediately if not sooner.  As a result when the cowards left the Southern Ocean the Japanese where able to reach their quota in harvesting Southern Ocean whales.     
Not one dolphin saved, not one whale saved.  The minions, suckers, and emotional wrecks continue to donate to this float circus led by the flim-flam man criminal cosplay Watson.

If you are a sucker, minion, or emotional wreck here is a link to donate to Sea Shepherd:

Link to the full video illustrating Sea Shepherd’s hallucinated success:

Pilot Whale Defense Sea Shepherd Faroe Islands Campaign Facelessbook page.  See the chart dated August 18, 2017 at 2 PM:

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Whaling Faroe Islands

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