Thursday, August 10, 2017

Klaksvik, Faroe Islands / Taiji, Japan - Sister Cities

Klaksvik, Faroe Islands / Taiji, Japan - 
Sister Cities

Cosplay Criminal Watson on his FB page wrote a critical commentary in reference to Klaksvik, Faroe Islands and Taiji, Japan about to initiate a sister-city relationship.  Here are two comments to that commentary left by his compassionate, pathetic minions (suckers): 

Klaksvik Faroe Islands Taiji Japan Sister Cities

Cosplay Paul Watson’s Facebook commentary:

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Unknown said...

I have excellent and trusted information that there will be no sister city agreement between Klaksvik and Taiji 🙅🏼‍♂️🙅

Every Faroese friend and other Faroese I have met, including those who participate and/or support Grindadrap find the practice of hunting and exploiting dolphins for the captivity industry disrespectful and offensive, and a malignant sick headed practice...

The Japanese motive for exploiting dolphins is very wrong, even as a meat eater you should agree with this opinion...

In this I consider the Faroese motive to be the lesser of two evils, even though the Faroese practice of dragging the pilot whales up the beach by rope with a hook in the blowhole make their practice more cruel...but they don't go searching out at sea so the hunts are more opportunistic, it is a community event conducted by unpaid volunteers in private boats, and there is no great monetary incentive apart from getting some 'free meat'

Conversely the Japanese motive is very much financially driven, where they make profit from trading to the captivity industry and they receive government subsidies, it is a commercial operation.
They have a fleet of very powerful modern fishing boats and every day during their licensed season and weather permitting they fan out wide to the horizon in search for dolphins offshore and then it often hours to drive them into the cove at Taiji, where the dolphins sustain many injuries, panic, fear and drowning...and we have witness desperate mothers trying to protect their young...

I have not met one single Faroese person who approves or agrees with what Japan does...the most support they offer being very nationalistic is that it's Japan's business what they do