Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Korean new way to hate Japan

Korean new way to hate Japan

As if some Koreans do not have enough hallucinating reasons to hate Japan, they recently revealed another questionable reason. 

Japan bashing continues in South Korea.  Not contented with bashing Japan’s image by flooding the planet with Comfort Women statues, they are now embarking on a new form of bashing Japan.  They unveiled a statue in Seoul, South Korea representing forced laborers they accused the Japanese of.  The statue is in the hideous tradition of the Comfort Women statues. 

Care to make any bets how long will it before we see this new Japan Bashing statue dotting the American landscape?  The force labor this statue claims to represent happened seventy-two years ago.  Why now with the statue?      

The statue photograph used in this video is of it in Yongsan Train Station is Seoul, South Korea. 

Note:  Use of the statue photograph is in compliance with Copyright “Fair Use” policy.

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