Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sea Shepherd and theft in the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd thievery in the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd, the floating circus has arrived in the Faroe Islands to perform in free shows for the Faroese.  Some of the clowns arrived in the Faroe Islands via ferry from Denmark. 

The circus clowns thus far have performed two free magical shows for the brave and hardy inhabitants of the Faroe Islands.

Some of the clowns who traveled to the Faroe Islands did so on a ferry.  While on this ferry an eyewitness filed a report claiming the clowns were stealing food.  Now was this thievery or a performance?  The performance being a magic act to make objects disappear.  The objects used were food causing some to think perhaps it was theft.  No, it was a prelude to the free shows to take place provide by the clowns of the cult floating circus.     

Four clowns from the floating circus entered a shop in Nolsy.  While two were paying for some items, they performed a slight-of-hand, a distraction, while another two stole some beer.  The shopkeeper was entertained by two performances:  slight-of-hand, to distract her, while the others made beer disappear. 

The people in the Faroe Islands have warned this is not Taiji, Japan where the inhabitants are passive.  That may be correct, however in Taiji, Japan the clowns would not have performed their two magic / disappearing acts.  The Cove Coward Guardians of Sea Shepherd’s floating circus while in Taiji, enjoy the company of the police anywhere they go all the time.  

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