Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hillary: Horror in Dallas and London

Hillary: Horror in Dallas and London

At the Dallas / Fort Worth Airport - DFW, in terminal D a horror at the book shop.  Yep right there on display for all to see is the latest book by Hillary Rodham Clinton (Hillary Rotten Clinton - Bill’s wife), titled “Hard Choices.”

This horror was also located at Heathrow Airport in London, United Kingdom - UK.  Once again the traveler is assaulted by having to see this book with her mug on display.  

The London newspaper “The Times” had a column on July 22, 2014 written by Justin Webb, titled “Hillary will get the US flexing its muscles again.”

The columnist mentions Hillary’s lie about avoiding gunfire in 1996 when visiting Bosnia.    The column then describes how under the regime of President Obama the U.S. has been weakened.  He then writes about Hillary’s latest tough talk and need for action concerning the trouble spots around the globe.  Because of her tough talk the writer thinks she may be a tougher president in 2016 than a Republican.

Hold on and hello!  Hillary (Bill’s wife) was and is a hippie.  She and her X-rated husband both loathe the United States military.  To these two a U.S. strong military is not a remedy or deterrent to world aggression, but a cause. 

In most cases liberals do not run as liberal they run as conservative.  Then once elected they govern as extreme liberals.  President Obama was one the exceptions, he ran as an extreme liberal and now governs as a monarch. 

Hillary knows if she wants to run for president to win she needs to create conservative bona fides.  DO NOT BE FOOLED by Bill’s wife, Hillary.  DO NOT TRUST THE CLINTONS! 

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