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China protest Japan over the Senkaku Islands

China protest Japan over the Senkaku Islands

The Senkaku Islands belonging to Japan are being claimed by China and Taiwan.  The Senkaku Islands (Senkaku-shoto, Senkaku-gunto, and Senkaku-retto) are known as the Diaoyu Islands by the Chinese (also: Diaoyudao or Diaoyutal Islands).  Also known as Tiaoyutai in Taiwan.  They are located in the East China Sea between China and Japan. 

Recently a fishing vessel from Hong Kong, China sailed to the islands and landed people on them.  They were arrested by the Japanese Coast Guard and subsequently sent back to China.  This incident resulted in Japanese citizens doing the same thing.  Also the Japanese Coast Guard intervened and sent them back to Japan. 

This caused massive demonstrations all across eastern China citizens protesting the Japanese.  The rioters smashed store windows they believe were Japanese related and turned over Japanese made vehicles.  All this while commie police looked on passively.  Huh? 

When equal demonstrations are held in Tibet by Tibetans (Buddhist) they are greeted with police bullets.  When the Uyghurs / Uighurs (Muslim) in East Turkistan / Xinjiang hold demonstrations they too are greeted with communist bullets.  Yet curiously enough the recent rioters / hooligans Han Chinese are not greeted with bullets, but with a passive police force.  Did not know commies knew what a passive police force was. 

When the Japanese patriots landed on their own islands that act provided the commies in Beijing a steam release of anger directed towards Japan rather than Beijing.  The commie gangsters allowed the demonstrations because it diverted attention from their illegitimate regime to China’s favorite villain: Japan. 

Brief history of those islands:       

Chinese name Diaoyu dates to the Ming Dynasty – 14th – 17th century
In the 1800’s the British named them the Pinnacle Islands.
1900 - named Senkaku Retto by Japan which means Pinnacle Islands
1879 - annexed as part of the Okinawa Prefecture
1885 - Japanese governor appointed
1895 - Sino-Japanese War – the treaty ending that war it is argued gave control of those islands to Japan
The “Treaty of Shimonoseki” - 1895 ended above war (articles 2 and 3)
After WW2 the Islands with Okinawa came under USA control
1951 - Treaty of San Francisco – article 3 included the islands
1952 – Treaty of Peace between the Republic of China and Japan – article defers to the San Francisco Treaty in reference to items not provided for in the treat between Japan and China. 
1969 – the UN indicated the possibility of large oil and gas reserves around the islands
1971 – Taiwan asserted claim, 6 months later China made same assertion
1972 – USA hands Okinawa and the Islands back to Japan.  The operative word being “back” meaning the belong and belonged to Japan.

Article Japanese land on the islands:

Hong Kong Chinese land on Japan’s Senkaku Islands:

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Anonymous said...

OK, this is funny/sad. So the 'propaganda buster' posts a map that is obviously meddled with, in an attempt to increase the validity of his own patriotic views. The distances to China and Taiwan have been enlarged and the distance to japan decreased, compare to any other map and you will immediately see.
I am not Chinese or in any other way related to any of the parties in this conflict, but I hate propaganda when I see it. A shame to see that a self-declared 'propaganda buster' is doing exactly what he accuses others of.

Anonymous said...

I agree with top anonymous^ this is hardly credilbe information, good thing i check and re check my sources when writing an English paper.

Unknown said...

Hong Kong is an SAR .... SO NOT CHINA...Ew.

Most people from Hong Kong would reject the fact that we are "part" of china