Thursday, May 15, 2008

American News media bias

Here is further proof of how worthless the news media is in the United States of America. Some years ago when Republican Vice President Dan Quayle miss-spelled the word "potato" by advising a student to put an "e" at the end, the news media went ballistic. They successfully used this one incident to convince the American voters that this was proof he was too stupid to win the next election, so he lost. Another victory for the bias news media in America goose stepping behind the Democratic Party. Then around 1993 Democratic Vice President with President Clinton visit President Thomas Jefferson's home in Monticello. There were four busts and the smartest man in the world, Democratic Vice President asked who the busts on the walls were. One being first president of the United States, George Washington. Al Gore did not recognize President George Washington and the news media was silent as the had to provide cover for a Democrat. Now some years later, about a week ago, Democratic Senator Barack Hussein Obama makes reference to 57 states (actually made reference to 59 states), and once again the news media gives another Democrat a pass on an obvious stupid statement. Incidentally when Obama made reference to 57 states, there happens to be "57 states" members of the "Organization of the Islamic Conference."

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