Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Myanmar or Burma

The recent cyclone in Burma once again proves liberalism is a mental disorder. The American news media has a love affair with despots, thugs, dictators, military juntas, and communist. Further proof of this lies in with the news media's insistences in referring to this Southeast Asian nation as Myanmar a name selected by they military junta, rather than the name of Burma which reflects the disposed democracy of that nation. The Dallas Morning News continued to honor the military junta of Burma by referring to that nation as Myanmar.

What is telling is in the May 6th, 2008 edition of The Dallas Morning News on page two, the newspaper explained the nation was named Myanmar by the military junta, while the State Department of the United States continues to refer to that nation as Burma. Thus the difference between the democracy and the military junta and The Dallas Morning News continued use of the name Myanmar to make the junta appear legitimate.

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