Sunday, May 11, 2008

Communist China's insulting flag issue continued

Chinese students in Nagano, and Tokyo, Japan, under the direction of their overlords in Beijing, and fear for the safety of their families in China, protest or support in Japan waiving China's blood soaked flag. Such a disrespectful demonstration did not gain them support among the people of Japan, but further decayed the Japanese perception of the communist in China.

Then under the same orders from the communist overlords in Beijing, Chinese students on the campus of Duke University in North Carolina, United States, once again displayed their blood soaked flag in a demonstration. When Americans see that flag, they see red alright, but also white and blue. Who ever is responsible to public relations in Beijing should be sent to a gulag as they have been a failure. The Olympic torch traveled the world this year among such protest, not even seen for Hitler's 1936 Olympics are the Soviet Union's Olympics after their invasion of Afghanistan. In the history of the Olympic torch, no country has fostered so much hatred and protest.

What is Beijing's reaction to this? Further displays of disrespect by their students in host foreign nations.

Also CBS News in the United States reported the issue where China is harshly treating a Chinese student at Duke University. CBS reported that the girl Grace Wang, or Wang Qianyuan private information has been plastered on the Internet. Information only known to the government in Beijing. Plus her mother is in hiding for fear of the Chinese government. Her father a member of the communist party was forced to write a letter denouncing his own daughter.

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