Thursday, May 8, 2008

Police violence or news media bias?

The Dallas Morning News printed an article from the Associated Press concerning what the press has labeled as police violence. The article was about two police incidents, one in New York City by the NYPD, New York City Police Department. Where in November of 2006 according to the article, "...was killed in a 50-bullet shooting the night before his wedding," by the New York City Police. Then a last month a court in New York acquitted the police officers of all charges. The article purposely left out what led to the police shooting 50 bullets.

The second incident was with the Philadelphia Police Department, PPD which took place earlier this week. The article reported that after a police chase the police grabbed the three occupants of the vehicle and proceeded to beat them. All this was caught on video tape by FOX News helicopter. Once again the article purposely left out what had transpired before the police chase with the vehicle and its occupants.

There was no need for The Dallas Morning News or the Associated Press to explain what led to these two incidents because the news media already has the police guilty. Historically when a person is accused of a crime, the press always reports about the criminal and the criminal charges as "allegedly." In this news article it was not reported as "alleged Police violence," but reported as "Police violence." The news media refused to give the police in this country the same presumption of innocence they reserve for the out of control criminal element.

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