Friday, May 16, 2008

Polar Bears and California Gay Marriage

Recently federal bureaucrats added polar bears to the endangered species list from the Endangered Species Act of 1973, signed President Richard Nixon. The polar are not endangered as there are more polar bears now than there were fifteen to twenty years ago. They were added because of the hoax of man make global warming where it is believe the habitat of the poplar bears may become threatened thus it may contribute to endangering the polar bears. This is just an attempt by the anti-capitalist (environmentalist and animal rights thugs) to stifle capitalism in these here United States. Which is making democracy in the United States of America a joke, nothing but a fa├žade to fool lazy Americans. Further proof:

Sixty-one percent of California voters who voted, approved a ban on gay marriage. Then one judge (the ruling was 4 to 3) ruled that the ban was unconstitutional and threw out the results of the election where 61% of the voters approved of the ban. That one judge threw out the will of the people. Okay you can now laugh about the joke of democracy in the United States.

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Ignatius J said...

Why not add Brown v. Board and Loving v. Virginia to this list of horrors? It is just outrageous that we live in a country where courts protect the rights of minorities against the will of the masses. I would much rather live in a state where the People's Party does what is good for us all. Now where did I put that little Red Book?