Saturday, May 24, 2008

Texas, the people speak

The greatness that is Texas is its people. These same great people can be found in many states in the United States not influenced by the far left establishments on the East and West coast.

There is a highway in Texas called President George Bush Turnpike, SH-190. This highway's posted speed limit is 60 mph (miles per hour). Driving 60 mph on that highway is like standing still, as other motorist zoom by. This is a toll road and the toll way authority plan to combat this lawlessness by eliminating the 60 mph speed limit and raise it so the motorist would no longer be breaking the law. This is motorist nullification, much like jury nullification.

There is an Interstate Highway in North Texas called, Lyndon Banes Johnson Freeway (LBJ freeway, or I-635). A portion of this highway passes through a community called Garland, Texas. The police at one time patrolled this interstate in an attempt to slow down the motorist speeding through their city. Recently there was a noticeable absence of the police through this section of highway. The police decided to stop patrolling because it was too dangerous for their police officers due the motorist.

Two examples of the will of the people in Texas being heard. A man comes home finds his wife in bed with another man, the wife yells rape, the husband shoots and kills the man in the bed with his wife. Come to find out it was consensual sex and the yelling of rape was a cover. The wife was charged and convicted by a jury, while the husband was never charged.

A shopkeeper in a donut shop was being held up by a gun totting burglar, the shopkeeper runs out the door yelling and screaming she is being held up. A neighbor grabs his shotgun rushes in the donut shop, fires the shotgun at the bottom feeder (burglar), and kills the would-be thief. No charges filed.

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