Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Black Friday and the propaganda in the news media

Americans by the billions flocked to the stores... (more)
Added: November 24, 2007
Americans by the billions flocked to the stores on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving to spend their hard earn money. The sight of all these Americans braving the weather and horrific crowds was another clear indication of our America's strong economy. Most newspapers across the fruited plain reported accurately the frenzy spending by Americans enjoying their robust economy. However a few Stalinist newspapers had to put their left-wing, Democratic Party oriented lies to the real story. See, when there is a Republican in The White House, some newspapers in America are forbidden by their commissars to report any good news about the U.S. economy. Not only are these newspapers awarded, The Joseph Goebbels Fascist Propaganda award, they should get The Star of Lenin from their communist overlords.

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