Thursday, November 14, 2013

Obamacare Dozen vote the bums out

Obamacare Dozen vote the bums out

Twelve Democrat members of the United States Senate are asking the regime leader President Obama to extend Obamacare (Affordable Healthcare Act or Affordable Care Act) to delay the implementation of the legislation beyond the 2014 Senate elections.  These are the same Democratic Party Senators who voted to pass the law and force it upon the nation. 

Did not these reprobates read the legislation before they voted for it?  If they did, were they too stupid to comprehend the negative consequences of the legislation?  By them requesting an extension they are admitting the law will have a negative impact upon the nation.

If you live in the following states perhaps you may want to votes these characters out of office: 

Mark Begich - Alaska
Jeff Merkley – Oregon
Jeanne Shaheen – New Hampshire
Mark Pryor – Arkansas
Mark Udall – Colorado
Mary Landrieu – Louisiana
Dick Durbin – Illinois
Al Franken – Minnesota
Kay Hagan – North Carolina
Jack Reed – Rhode Island
Tom Udall – New Mexico
Mark Warner – Virginia 

Four are named “Mark.”  Perhaps all twelve should be “marked” for retirement.

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