Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Save the Dolphin deception and hate

Save the Dolphin deception and hate

Many in the “save the dolphin” movement masquerade their hate for Japan and the Japanese people behind their compassion for the dolphins.  That compassion for most is a façade and exposed by their behavior.  Specifically some of the videos posted by these hate-filled drones claim to depict horrid scenes of blood and gore in Taiji, Japan.

A simple look at the photographs selected as thumbnails clearly scream deception.  Some have used photographs of whales being slaughtered in the Faroe Islands for videos and in videos titled as being related to the dolphin activity in Taiji, Japan.  This deception was not due to some being geography challenged but it inflame the hate for Japan by showing bloody scenes not photographed anywhere in Japan.    

It is almost comical they claim Caucasians in bloody waters slaughtering whales are Asians in Taiji, Japan slaughtered dolphins.  The hate by these drones knows no bounds.  

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