Thursday, November 14, 2013

Disaster in the Philippine the hate emerges

 Disaster in the Philippine the hate emerges

Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines devastating the nation.  As of this posting it is feared near 10,000 are dead because of this typhoon. 

Recent history has demonstrated these natural disasters bring out the people burdened with hate to hurl at the victim nation.  When the historic earthquake / tsunami wrecked a large area of Japan 11 March, 2011, the hate poured out from the “save the dolphin” thugs and anti-whalers.  They wrote on social media their joy in Japan’s pain.  These morons claimed it was nature’s revenge for Japan’s dolphin and whaling activity.

Now with the Philippine disaster a self-proclaimed Christian wrote a blog entry titled:

“God is punishing the Philippines!” 

The blogger questions: “Did you know that God is punishing the Philippines for their tolerance of homosexuality, prostitution, Catholicism, and other sins?”

Such pronouncements by so-called Christians only serve to expose their inability to grasp what being a Christian is.  It is sad people take the pain and suffering of a people to exploit in pursuit of a hateful agenda.

Thank God the vast majority of people on this planet are in sympathy with the Philippines and the blogger remains as obscure as his blog.

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