Thursday, November 7, 2013

A dog's political wisdom

 A dog’s political wisdom

Italian researchers have discovered one can tell a dog’s feelings by the direction of the wagging tail.  If the canine waves their tail to the right, it is happy and joyful.  If the tail wags to the left, it is in anticipation of a negative confrontation.  Basically the tail waives right, good.  The tail waives left,

Now remember the leftist, liberals and associated left-leaning animal rights groups, claim we humans can learn a lot from animals.  Some even claim a few animals are as smart if not smarter than humans.  It is estimated dogs have the intelligence of a human two-year old.  Yet their instincts are unmatched by humans.  Dogs are very beneficial to humans:  hunting dogs, service dogs, dogs locating bodies, guide dogs, and of course companion. 

Now we learn dogs tell us those on the right, conservatives are good, while those on the left, liberals are thought to be suspect with looming danger possibilities.  We should follow the advice of our canine companions. 

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