Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Greenpeace crybabies

Greenpeace crybabies

In September, 2013 the Greenpeace vessel Artic Sunrise was engaged in harassing a Russian oil rig in Artic waters.  A day after harassing the Russian oil rig sailing away the Greenpeace vessel was boarded by a Russian raiding party descending from a helicopter. 

Once the vessel was brought into a Russian port the authorities said the activists would be charged with piracy.  Later the charges were reduced to hooliganism.  The captain of the Artic Sunrise was released by Russian authorities.  The captain in an interview degraded the Russian authorities while some of his compatriots are still being held in jails. 

The captain complained they were scared of the Russian machine guns and accused the Russian commandos of getting drunk after drinking the liquor found on the vessel.  Then he related his fears of being in jail hearing the steel jail cell doors clanging shut one right after another.  He complained of being in a cell with a smoker and having claustrophobia.  Did he have claustrophobia while in his small cabin about this vessel?

Would be nice if the Japanese apply the same methods towards Sea Shepherd this whaling season.

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