Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cove Guardians = money, hate, and attempts at inciting violence

Cove Guardians = money, hate, and 
attempts at inciting violence

Many of the Cove Cowards supporters on their Facelessbook page urge these so called Guardians to cut the nets imprisoning the dolphins in Taiji, Japan.  The Cove Guardians respond if they break the law they would be arrested and thrown out of Japan.  Hooey!  If there are 15 Guardians and three break the law, only those three will be arrested and deported leaving the remaining 12 to continue “documenting.” 

The Cove Cowards are acting contrary to their cult leader Pope Paul the Watson.  Fugitive Watson once bragged his freedom was a small price to pay to save the lives of these creatures.  Apparently his minions in the Cove Guardians do not subscribe to his bravado. 

The Cowards also claim they made an agreement with the Japanese government not to break the law.  Remember now this is the government they call: evil, barbaric, murderers, and blood thirty for allowing the dolphin activity in Taiji.  A year or so ago one Cove Guardian did break Japanese law and only he was arrested and deported, with no action taken against the remaining Cowards. 

Promoting violence:  On their Facelessbook page the Cowards post photographs with choice words used in the descriptions such as, killers, murderers, kidnappers, blood thirty, killing cove, killer boats, and tearing families apart.  All meant to incite the emotional wrecks around the world who support them.  Many of these wrecks leave comments on the Facelessbook page desiring to cause harm in Japan, such as:

“Shoot a hunter and take his scalp”
“Only violence will end this.  Violence against the fishermen”
“I would celebrate if they all died tonight.  Preferably slowly and painfully”
“Kill the people in the boat”
“Would personally love to destroy these bastards”
“Time for direct action”

Those comments are a result of Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians inflammatory descriptions.  The Cowards leave the comments posted for all to see and be motivated.  When violence does happen, that blood will be on the soiled hands belonging to the Cove Coward Guardians.

Read other comments of hate appearing on their Facelessbook page:

How come Sea Shepherd does not send one of their rust-bucket garbage scows in international waters off Taiji to redirect the dolphins away as they once claimed to have done in the waters off the Faroe Islands?   Simple:  Sea Shepherd needs the dolphins to be captured in Taiji to get dramatic photographs, and live-streaming to incite their minions into violence and donating money.  

 On 13 November, 2013 USA date, 14 November, 2013 Japan date, the Cove Cowards were live-streaming what they claim was a dolphin transfer into a truck.  They claimed the police prohibited them from taking pictures, yet curiously enough they were allowed to live-stream.  Melissa the superior of her inferior Cove Guardians said they wanted to get photographs to the dolphin trainers.  Why?

What purpose would that serve other than to provide a target for possible violence incited by the Cove Guardians?  Are these trust-fund babies that ignorant that they cannot relate their hate provoking commentary, with the trainer’s photographs, and emotional wrecks crying to save the dolphins may lead to violence? 

Basically such photographs will only serve as targets for a possible violent attack incited by the Cove Cowards.           

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