Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sea Shepherd and fugitive Paul Watson are made an offer

Sea Shepherd and fugitive Paul Watson 
are made an offer

Sea Shepherd ramming a vessel in the Southern Ocean
Currently Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research is seeking damages from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society of violating a U.S. Court injunction.  The court proceedings are in Seattle, Washington, USA.

In December, 2012 the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (United States District   The injunction prohibited Sea Shepherd from sailing within five-hundred yards (457 meters) of the Japanese whaling fleet.
Court for the Western District of Washington) issued an injunction.

Sea Shepherd ramming a vessel
After the injunction was issued, Sea Shepherd violated that order on numerous occasions in the Southern Ocean.  As a result of ignore the Court’s injunction the ICR (Institute of Cetacean Research) brought Sea Shepherd back into court seeking $100,000 in fines for each violation for about ten violations.

The ICR offered to drop their request for the fines if Sea Shepherd / Paul Watson would agree to end their campaign against the Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean.  Why would the ICR make such an offer?

Possible reasons:
1 - If Sea Shepherd / Watson accept the offer it will illustrate their so-called mission is money and not saving the whales.
2 - If Sea Shepherd rejects the offer, then the ICR has a publicity coup by illustrating they offered a compromise and it was declined.

December, 2012 Court injunction:

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